DRS Worldwide is a team of forward-thinking creatives who are reinventing the boundaries of traditional PR, digital media, content and brand marketing. Globally recognized for our understanding and expertise of the Architecture and Design market, we represent the finest luxury brands; specialize in defining, refreshing and keeping them relevant. We transform creative energy into visual and written narratives that resonate with architectural, interior design, and hospitality influencers, as well as luxury lifestyle consumers.



Love what we do, enjoy the people we work with, revel challenges with excitement and determination, innovate and exceed our clients’ expectations — never settle for mediocrity.

These are the core values we committed to when we established DRS and Associates more than 19 years ago and this is the foundation that we have built our reputation on.

Today, our client roster is composed of some of the industry’s most stylized, unique, highly designed, quality crafted products and home fashion brands available in the world. This agency focus and discipline has allowed us to stay true to our interests, passions and values.

Our enthusiasm for our clients drives us to create content that naturally excites editors and journalists, who repeatedly tell us that when they receive a pitch or call-out from DRS and Associates, they know its contents are special—share-worthy.

Together, our passionate and dedicated team, under the leadership of Natalie and David, strive to make a difference. Meaning once DRS has the privilege of being selected, we assume responsibility for making sure that everything we do has a significant impact on the success of the client and their brand, as a whole.

David + Natalie Schlocker



DRS Worldwide Inc. was founded by David and Natalie Schlocker in 2000.
Together, they bring over 25 years of experience in the Architectural and Design Industry,
Media Relations, Print and Digital Marketing and Creative Services to their clients.







"Great exposure, thank you"

Michael Zimber, President of Stone Forest
"There are so  few companies that I can trust with our creative. DRS stands out as the best. On-time and on-target. DRS consistently delivers solid creative."

Henry Urick, Incentive Plus Network
"DRS is the only professional resource for marketing and PR in the K&B Industry. They bring value to the industry and valuable expertise  to their clients."

Lloyd LeBlanc, Julien Home Refinements
"Professionalism at its highest level"
Avi Abel, Watermark Designs





Empowering positive change through active philanthropy, DRS and Associates
contributes on international, national and local levels to causes spanning human rights
to environmental preservation.


World Wildlife Fund
We are members of the world’s leading conservation organization, the WWF, which works to preserve Earth’s ecological systems by protecting natural areas and wild populations of plants and animals. By focusing on using renewable energy resources, developing sustainable food systems, increasing access to fresh water, supporting ocean life and working to advance eco-friendly and human rights policy, WWF improves life for individuals, wildlife and Earth.

DIFFAFor the last two years, we have contributed to the charitable organization DIFFA, Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS. DIFFA raises awareness and grants funds to institutions and organizations that provide AIDS treatment, care services, education programs and AIDS advocacy for impacted individuals.

A Window Between Worlds
We actively donate to A Window Between Worlds, which empowers individuals impacted by violence and trauma through a transformative healing arts program. Through hands-on creation, the program encourages art projects that reduce stress, increase self-awareness and build resilience while allowing affected individuals to experience a supportive community.

Tree People
On the local level, we have donated our time to the Tree People, a nonprofit group that works to create a sustainable future for Los Angeles. The Tree People are important to us because they’re in our own backyard. We’ve watched them grow from a small group planting trees to a whole learning system and community resource center. From maintaining hiking trails to keeping the air a little cleaner, they’re a valuable community service in the heart of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, and we are proud to do our part to help.

Rottweiler Rescue of Los Angeles
As lovers of all canines and owners of Rottweilers, the Rottweiler Rescue of Los Angeles maintains a special position on the list of charitable organizations to which DRS and Associates give. The organization rescues and rehomes Rottweilers, supplying an alternative to animal shelters for southern California owners unable to keep their dogs.

Tails of Joy
In addition to the Rottweiler Rescue, DRS and Associates also contributes to Tails of Joy,
who actively supports the small rescue groups in communities who save the lives of desperate animals every day, but don’t have big fundraising infrastructure and are too small for big grants.
By being there for them, they have helped save the lives of tens of thousands of needy, abused, homeless and neglected animals.